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I had the pleasure of writing a guest blog for The Scout Guide recently and wanted to post it here on our blog for those of you who have not seen it yet.



Are you looking for a great spa experience? The first way you can tell if you’re going to have a great spa experience is to observe how you and other customers are treated. Look around to make sure all employees are treating their clients with respect. Before you book a treatment, you can ask to take a tour to make sure the spa is clean, has pleasant surroundings, “good energy” and is sanitary.


1. The therapist should be professional, courteous, pleasant and cleanly dressed.

2. The treatment should start on time. Therapists should wash their hands before they touch you.

3. Therapists should do an initial consultation to determine your needs and objectives for the visit. Whether it is to simply relax or if you have specific concerns, a good therapist will help you address those concerns. She should then follow your lead in terms of how much talk occurs during the session.

4. For a great spa experience, massage therapists should be sensitive to the kind of touch you want in terms of pressure. There should never be a sexual quality to their touch.

5. You should not be left alone during body wraps, facials. Some spas do this, but the best practice is for the therapist to be with the client at all times, enhancing the service and ensuring your safety.

6. Estheticians should perform an analysis of your skin, give you information regarding its condition and explain how she can improve it during the treatment. There should be discussion about your home skin-care routine and suggestions offered to sustain the benefits of your visit, but you should not feel pressured to buy products.

7. You should feel free to ask questions before, during and after your treatment.

Portrait of a couple getting a romantic massage

A great spa experience should leave you feeling transported to a state of relaxation. It should engage all the senses, including smell, with therapeutic essential oils, known as Aromatherapy, and the sense of hearing with soothing sounds, which assist in balancing the body and clearing the mind.

This is the experience that awaits you at the best kept “Spa secret” in West Palm Beach, Kaffee’s Garden Spa! (Maybe we are not so secret, now that we have been Scouted!) Since 1998 we have been offering quality care for the skin, body, nails and hair. You will find a comprehensive menu of beauty services like natural manicures and pedicures and organic hair color in the Garden Salon as well as facial treatments for every condition from acne to anti aging. Our staff of licensed Aestheticians use their skills and expert knowledge, along with the power of professional products, Dermalogica and Jurlique and state of the art devices to make remarkable improvement to our clients complexions. The body therapy department offers a wide range of massage modalities including Reflexology, Deep Tissue, and Swedish. We are dedicated to not just giving you a great spa experience but we hope to extend stress reduction and improved wellness beyond the spa with products from our Spa Lover’s Boutique.

As an introductory visit to the Garden Spa we suggest our Garden Duo which is a 1 hour Body Massage and our signature Spa Facial. 2 hours of Great Spa Experience!



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West Palm Beach, FL

T: 561.833.4483