Aloe Hydrating Fluid with Lavender 2oz Dropper

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2023 Updated formula. Now with Certified Organic Aloe Vera. The choice to use certified organic Aloe Vera in the formula is to reduce any possibility of exposure of any unnecessary toxins on the skin's surface. We have raised the bar to provide you with the same lightweight, effective, nourishing skin serum with the added assurance that the Aloe Vera is produced without pesticides. And that the processing of the gel keeps its properties in tact without added colorants or toxins

Aloe Hydrating Fluid with Lavender is affectionately known as the "Blue Bottle" among its dedicated followers. This is the 2oz Dropper Bottle

Loved for it's lightweight feel and rapid absorption this oil free moisturizing serum, with regenerating properties, is appropriate for any skin type or condition. The key ingredients are Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin A and E topped off with the soothing aroma of pure lavender essential oil. Vegan, No animal testing or GMO ingredients

The Fluid is formulated to be applied to clean skin both morning and evening with an appropriate moisturizer applied over top. Within several days your skin will appear more hydrated and have a renewed luster.

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Kaffee's Garden SECRET SAUCE is available in all 3 sizes: 2oz Dropper, 4oz Pump Bottle and 8 oz Pump Bottle

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