Hawaiian Water Sea Salt & Kukui Loofah Soap 4.75 oz

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Maui Soap Company
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Product Details
  • Enriched with Pacific ocean Sea Salt & Hawaiian Kukui Oil
  • Creamy & rich-lathering Hawaiian soap.
  • Tropical loofah scrub inside.
  • No phthalates / 100% Vegan / Cruelty-Free
  • Dimensions: 3.0” L x 3.0” H x 1.2” D

      Bring a piece of the tropics into your shower with this warm Coconut cleanser with an exfoliating loofah inside.

      Exfoliating, rich-lathering, Pacific Ocean Sea Salt and Kukui Oil Mango Loofah Soap handcrafted with Maui Soap Co.’s signature scents.

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