Holiday Survival Duo: ALOE + LAVENDER

Using your skincare ingredients to your advantage during the holiday season…

A well-known fact is that the holiday season brings a multitude of options for skin damaging
scenarios from sugary treats, delicious dairy drinks, holiday deadlines, and this year we get to throw in
the stress from restrictions, lockdowns, pandemics, and political drama.

No, Thank You! 

That is NOT what your skin needs right now.

Aloe Hydrating Fluid

Aloe Hydrating Fluid with Lavender for hydration all year long from Kaffee’s Garden

What it needs is to soak up some moisture with my Aloe Hydrating Fluid using the calming properties of lavender essential oil to brighten your complexion and your mood.


Changing Seasons, Changing Skins

The skin goes through seasonal changes, as we have discussed…  and seasonal
STRESSES, which is very important to be aware of and can be treated with a variety of healthy approaches. (Read More About Winter Skin Changes In This Article)

Did you know? A quick surge of stress can be a good thing. It may heighten your senses, enhance your mental clarity, and sometimes enable you to accomplish more than you would have. There is even the belief that stress can help our bodies to create collagen to facilitate wound repair!

Why does it not feel that good then?  The bad kind of stress is the chronic, continuing stress knots you feel.  It is this kind that most of us are experiencing now, from pandemic political mess that became 2020. It is this kind of stress that takes its toll on the skin.

To heal stressed skin, the surface must be treated as well as the problem. We must address the stress as well as the blemish.

Here are 4 stress-busting tips to keep in mind the next few weeks (or months?):

Meditation: 20 minutes of quiet time activates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system and
decreases cortisol and inflammation! That’s science-talk for “It relaxes you.”

Deep Breathing: Deep breaths trigger the relaxation response and stop psychological stress from
begin translated to physical inflammation in the skin.

Quality Sleep: Beware of the blue light emitted from electronics that interrupts your circadian rhythms
and lowers your sleep quality

Exercise and the Power of Nature: Exercise increases antioxidants and spending time outdoors has
been proven to lower inflammatory markers in our bodies. Try taking a brisk walk in a natural green spot!
Aloe is one of nature’s best healing and anti-inflammatory agents. It will support the skin’s natural barrier
function which is affected by chronic stress.

Now, for your skin… Kaffee’s Garden Aloe Hydrating Fluid will help replenish the lost moisture and repair damaged layers of skin. Using this fluid heavily two weeks before your holiday photoshoot or “Family Photo” is a great way to perk up beforehand. Your skin will enjoy the boost of hydration and glow from the inside out from feeling happy and healthy with your newly found respect for your skin!

Treating yourself during the holidays isn’t about luscious extras. It’s about making sure you have what you need to maintain and thrive. The Holiday Season is draining… So be prepared to replenish as needed. As exciting, happy and beautiful as it is… it is draining to your skin, your soul, and your bank account. Your skin will take that toll the most this year with masks, frowns, stress lines, and lack of skincare routine. Don’t trick yourself into not buying your skincare needs because they are important to keeping your skin healthy, your confidence healthy, your routine healthy & your mojo intact. It’s not selfish to prioritize self-care, especially during the holiday season.  Get a handle on this NOW and your skin won’t suffer the next few weeks as we ease our way into a new year.

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