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Spa Closed in May 2020

Many of you reading this were, most likely, part of the Kaffee’s Garden Spa “Community” in West Palm Beach, where we offered spa therapies for the Skin/Body/Hair/Nails for 22 years. Some of you may be finding out about us more recently as a virtual resource. After closing Kaffee’s Garden Spa in May 2020, Kaffee pivoted towards an online presence and is now pleased to be able to offer some of the popular, beloved products from the Spa Lovers Boutique in a new online store. The belief that treatment choices should enhance and improve the body holistically (Body/Mind/Spirit) remains core to the philosophy you will find here. 


 ALOE HYDRATING FLUID is available at ZEN SWEAT DEN located at 4514 South Dixie Highway. They are sharing the building with YOGA PATH. We are so pleased to make it easy for those of you in that area to stop in and replenish your supply of Aloe Fluid and get to know the wonderful owner, Laurie! Call ahead to make sure she has what you want: 561 223 2156

  For service updates,  questions, or for a skin consult with Kaffee, please email [email protected] 



At Kaffee’s Garden, you’ll know quickly from reading around our website that we appreciate all things natural and sustainable. We try to use materials and resources that will protect our environment and reduce the usage of single-use plastic as much as possible. Because “Water is Life”, we are proud members and support the efforts of Surfrider, a dynamic, ecology conscious organization that works tirelessly to protect our water and coastal areas. Kaffee’s Garden recognizes the threat of plastic to our environment and encourages awareness of usage of single-use plastic. Kaffee’s Garden is devoted to this cause wholeheartedly. You can learn more about the work of Surfrider and/or donate here: https://www.surfrider.org/support-surfrider


In an effort to promote sustainability and help the environment, we have used glass bottles as containers for Aloe Hydrating Fluid for many years. Here are the reasons why:

  • Glass is a renewable substance 
  • Glass can be reused and recycled
  • Glass protects the product from breaking down via light degradation, especially the essential oils used in the formulation. 

We are looking into more proactive ways to offer incentives to reduce packaging waste and will be announcing those to you in the future.


What makes any organization dynamic is the feeling of connection and personal value. That is what we miss with the Spa’s closing and what we will attempt to recreate with this Blog. Please give us your feedback and suggestions on topics for discussion. As a skincare authority,  Kaffee’s reputation has been centered on the treatment and improvement of her client’s skin in a “wholistic” approach. Nothing has changed except the address is now digital instead of physical! We will be expanding our discussions to include lifestyle tips and provide advice on cooking, gardening, plants, and their medicinal uses, essential oils, and of course, looking for the cleanest, healthiest way to improve the skin! We do appreciate your continued support during this transition to an online platform and think you are going to like the updates we have coming in the next few months. 


If you are a lover of my Aloe Hydrating Fluid, Mirigal Oil, or other Spa Lovers Boutique items, I suggest you bookmark my Online Store as it will be updated regularly with new products and blog posts about all the great things you love about Kaffee’s Garden. 



Our Blue Bottle Return Program was an ongoing part of the client’s dedication to using the Aloe Fluid continuously! (In addition to the remarkable improvement of the skin.) An eco-conscious approach to single-use containers is even more relevant in today’s world.   We are excited to share that we are in the process of developing an approach to distribute our product in a “low waste” manner. More on this later toward the end of the year and into 2021. We will be launching a WHOLESALE option for some of our skincare products. (Right now there is a shipment is enroute to Australia to introduce Aloe “Down Under”!)  Look for our Aloe Hydrating Fluid at local outlets! Eventually, it is our vision that you will be able to bring your glass bottles (for sale HERE ) to refill and help us SAVE THE PLANET as we save your skin. 


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Unused Gift Certificates from Kaffee’s Garden Spa are redeemable at Pulsar Health for the dollar amount thru December 2020. Please contact them at 561 388 9571.

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