Winter Seasonal Changes and How to “Get Your Dazzle On” for the Holidays!

Seasonal changes in the air can cause visible changes in the skin. Are you in touch with how your skin reacts to more dry or cool air? Do you notice a healthy glow in summer, but for some reason, you see some redness or irritation during colder months? During the summer when the climate is warmer, the heat produces added surface oil that protects from moisture loss and gives you a natural glow. When winter sets in that all changes. Maybe the changes in humidity cause a feeling of dryness. These seasonal changes are mainly due to hydration of the skin and the health of its protective barrier. 

Using Aloe Hydrating Fluid all year long will help to maintain the right level of hydration in your skin, no matter what the temperature does outside! 

Kaffee’s heart, esthetic expertise, and passion have been formulated right into every bottle of Aloe Hydrating Gel! It is the foundation for retaining the skin’s moisture barrier of any skin type or condition. By combining the regenerative properties of Aloe Vera, the moisturizing capabilities of Sodium Hyaluronate and the soothing, antibacterial properties of Lavender essential oil together along with Vitamin A and E, exceptional benefits are produced. A fresher more dazzling skin is achieved!


It is important to apply the right level of moisture with the correct moisturizer for your skin over the top of the Aloe Fluid in order to seal in moisture and keep out harmful seasonal climate effects on your skin. Our all-time favorite sealant is Mirigal High Voltage Oil. A masterful blend of premium organic ingredients handpicked by its formulator, Miriam Azoulay. The combination of the luxurious feel and smell of the oil delight the skin and make it the perfect companion for our Aloe Fluid. Just a few drops of Mirigal at night over the Fluid and an appropriate sunscreen for daytime is recommended.

Knowing all of this, think of your friends and family members on your shopping list this year. A seasonal-proof skincare gift set is the perfect way to say, “I love you and am thinking about you this gift-giving season!”  Let’s be honest, it is probably not a gift that is often thought of for Mom, Aunt or grandma at gift-giving season, everyone will appreciate calm, glowing and happy skin. 


The Holiday gift giving philosophy of 2020 is:  to SIMPLIFY and Choose with INTENTION.  Focus on the recipient and find something that will improve their standard of life without complications. Within the framework of their daily lifestyle.   


A bottle of Aloe Hydrating Fluid for the loves in your life will tell them that not only do you care, but you truly thought of their happiness when it comes to their gift this year. A simple-to-use pump with a product that will protect their skin through the winter and usher them back into summer with a healthy glow. That’s the way to go! 


Aloe Hydrating Fluid is available in 3 sizes and can be ordered at our online storefront or visit one of our exclusive retailers, such as Zen Sweat Den at 4514 South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach to pick up a new “Blue Bottle”. Kaffee's Garden Aloe Hydrating Fluid Available at Zen Sweat Den in West Palm Beach



 Holiday Dazzle Gift Sets Available From Kaffee’s Garden

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Get the Glow! Make the Holidays special with products to boost the skin and included is a beautiful sequined Dazzle Face Covering. Your choice of two different kits. Each with the sequined Face Covering to add more fun to the Holidays!

 Dazzle Gift Set:

1-4oz Aloe Hydrating Fluid

1-Dazzle Face Covering

GIFT SET COST: $60.00 

Value $70.00 A Savings of $10.00


Premium Dazzle Gift Set:

A Perfect gift this Holiday for someone who wants to begin an effective new skin rejuvenation program at home.  A proven night treatment trio of synergistic steps that support the skin’s own natural ability to function optimally. Once the product has been applied and the simple Gua Sha routine followed, the work begins to increase the flow of nourishment to the skin and change Dull to Glow! 

1-4 oz  Aloe Hydrating Fluid

1- 1 oz Mirigal High Voltage Oil

1- Jade Gua Sha Tool and Instructions

1-Dazzle Face Covering

 GIFT SET COST: $183.00 

Value $223.00  A Savings of $40.50

Choose to have it shipped directly to you or without a receipt, as a gift, to the most deserving of recipients!

Kaffee’s Garden has made it easy for you to holiday shop via the new online store at and even included some of your favorite products from the beloved Spa Lovers Boutique


Shopping for the holiday shouldn’t be stressful… Fall into the perfect gift ideas at Kaffee’s Garden

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