Winter Season Dazzle

Winter Seasonal Changes and How to “Get Your Dazzle On” for the Holidays! Seasonal changes in the air can cause visible changes in the skin. Are you in touch with how your skin reacts to more dry or cool air? Do you notice a healthy glow in summer, but for some reason, you see some [...]

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The Evolving World and Our Adaptation!

Welcome to Kaffee’s Garden! An accessible and welcoming place to find proven skincare products, expert, current skin care advice and healthy lifestyle tips. We have an online store and an informational blog for you to bookmark and check often.  --> Kaffee's Garden Spa Closed in May 2020 Many of you reading this were, most likely, [...]

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Exclusive Retailers of Kaffee’s Garden

Shop Kaffee's Garden Products Now Available at these Exclusive Retailers  Often asked, "Where can I buy your Aloe Hydrating Fluid, Kaffee?" We sell it online here, but if you're in the area of one of our exclusive retailers listed below, please visit them for purchases.   Zen Sweat Den 4514 South Dixie Highway West Palm [...]

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PB Happiness Club Welcomes Kaffee

The Foundation for Women's Cultural and Economic Literacy (FWCEL) hosts programs on financial education for women of all ages and Life Stages. Speakers are experts from the financial world as well as members sharing their stories on financial independence. The Happiness Club is an educational, non-profit social group and those events feature an inspirational [...]

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A DIY Recipe to Improve Your Immunity

FROM YOUR WELLNESS PARTNERS at KAFFEE'S GARDEN SPA With Cold and Flu Season upon us we are looking for anything to protect us from a debilitating illness. Hop into a warm, euphoric bath and boost your immune system while relaxing and taking some self-love time. Baths are therapeutic and beneficial for the mind, body and [...]

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Celebrating a Milestone

(This Post, from 2018 to recognize our 20th year, certainly is sentimental now that the Garden Spa is no longer functioning. We had 22 glorious years and will be ever grateful for the opportunity to provide an environment in West Palm Beach where the staff could work their magic and the clients came regularly to [...]

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Time for Tea & Time for Me

What is more soothing and relaxing than sipping on an aromatic, warm and delicious cup of tea? OK. A great body massage or a fantastic pedicure is. So why not have it ALL! That is exactly what our Holiday 2016 "Time for Tea & Time for Me" Gift Box offers. Tucked inside our dazzling aqua [...]

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Since 1992, The Health Resource Network has sponsored Stress Awareness Month in an effort to raise public awareness about how stress affects our lives and what we can do to address it. Long term, prolonged stress can lead to serious health issues. The American Heart Association states that many behaviors that accompany chronic stress elevate [...]


Kaffee answers 20 Questions as seen on Scout Guide Blog

  The Scout Guide Palm Beach rang me up the other day for a quick question and answer session. What came to me immediately is what you will see below. It was an interesting exercise and revealing for me as well! The mind is a fascinating possession that can hide facts and memories from us [...]

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