NASN FlowersThe Scout Guide Palm Beach rang me up the other day for a quick question and answer session. What came to me immediately is what you will see below. It was an interesting exercise and revealing for me as well! The mind is a fascinating possession that can hide facts and memories from us until they accessed for a purpose. I understand that listening to what comes out of mouths can tell us a lot about our feelings. It is just not that often to see those words in written form. I got to know a little about myself from this exchange. So is a question/answer session a healthy way to take an inventory of where we are and what we are thinking? I think so!

NAME: Kaffee Keldie

OCCUPATION: Business owner; Aesthetician at heart


1. A favorite indulgence: Going for a swim in the ocean.

2. An unmissable element of a perfect day: Spending quality time with the people I love. Also, I’m a dedicated bather and have taken a bath every day for years. It’s a must!

3. A memorable food experience: I was in Sydney [Australia] visiting my husband’s family, and we went to a restaurant that was at the top of a building downtown. The restaurant rotated 360 degrees giving a magnificent view of the city.

4. The greatest surprise of your life: The longevity and success of my career.

5. The color you are least likely to have at home and why: Red because it is too stimulating. I believe your home is your refuge and where you go to regenerate, so I choose very healing and soothing colors for my house.

6. An irritation: Rude people and those who do not take into consideration the feelings of others. Also, cruelty to animals and to the environment.

7. The best advice you’ve ever received: When I first acquired my business, I was very nervous and my dad told me, “You have to start somewhere. Just start building and your clients will grow with you.”

8. Your daily uniform: I actually do wear a uniform! When I do treatments, I wear a white smock and black pants.

9. A goal outstanding: It still hasn’t come to me what I will do when I retire. I’m curious about what life will bring once my professional career comes to an end.

10. New York or L.A.: At this moment, I must say L.A. I love both, but I used to live in Southern California, and one of my closest friends lives there and I am just missing her right now.

11. The Alps or The Maldives: The Alps

12. A must-have travel item: My skin care regimen

13. A Palm Beach hidden gem: Grassy Waters, which is a public park off of Northlake Blvd.

14. If you didn’t have to work today, you would: Be spending time with my husband and joining him for a swim in the ocean.

15. Apart from the obvious, an essential work tool: My hands are my greatest tool. Another great tool would be the LED panel light we have at the spa. It is a medical-grade device that has profound benefits for regenerating the skin.

16. The project you are most proud of: My facility as a whole. I love that we have created a community where people feel relaxed as soon as they walk in the door.

17. An important source of inspiration: There are many people in the industry who inspire me, but knowing I have made a difference with my clients is what keeps me going.

18. Success is: Peace of mind

19. The question I haven’t asked, but should have: What influenced you to get into the business? Answer: Growing up my family moved a number of times and to some very interesting places. Arizona is where we resided for a great deal of my childhood, and I really believe that living there formed my approach to life. I identify with the Southwest and the philosophy of the Native Americans. Their appreciation and love of the Earth is something that was instilled in me early on. I was taught about botanicals and their effect and power on the body and mind. After that, I was intrigued by botanicals and how they benefit the skin.

20. Where are you going next? Professionally, I will be taking the next steps to improve the spa and to make it a better experience for my clients. Personally, I want to make a commitment to start practicing yoga on a daily basis.





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