In honor of PBI’s anniversary, PBI is gifting readers with 65 things, places, events, and bites to savor on our beloved island and beyond.

65 Things We Love About Palm Beach

“#64. Turning back the clock with Kaffee’s miracle fluid

The ladies who lunch have a secret. Kaffee Keldie, of Garden fame, makes a certain concoction known in inside circles as the “blue bottle” and the “fountain of youth.” Kaffee’s Aloe Hydrating Fluid is made with aloe and sodium hyaluronate and has justly earned a cult following.”

By Krystian von Speidel from Palm Beach Illustrated


Aloe Hydrating Fluid with Lavender is affectionately known as the “Blue Bottle” among its dedicated followers. Loved for it’s lightweight, oil free moisturizing and regenerating properties, it will give your skin a new renewed luster that effectively calms and heals.